Educators Technical Session

The Educators Technical Session aims to bring industry and educators together in order to exchange novel and interesting ideas and best practice.

The session will include presentations on innovative ways to educate our automotive engineers and engineers working in the automotive environment. Papers being given by the 2016 speakers are:

  • Development of Innovative Vehicle Systems Using Collaborative Training and Educational Technologies, Valentin Ivanov

  • Innovation in Teaching Learning Methods, Kamalkishore Vora

  • How to become a global automotive powertrain system engineer? Pierre Duret

  • Just-In-Time Teaching and Peer Instruction for Automotive Education, a Pilot Experiment, Saskia Monsma

  • Project-based learning – a source of improving the quality of educational institutions’ graduate engineers. A case study from the University of Pitesti, Adrian Clenci

    The Educators Technical Session will conclude with a discussion panel which will provide delegates with the opportunity to investigate possible ways to ensure the future development of effective courses with industry involvement.

    Session chaired by:

    Prof. Seongsoo Kim, Professor/Ph.D., Dept. of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, Silla University, the Republic of Korea

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Important dates

Technical Session

13 May 2016
Deadline for manuscript
31 July 2016
Deadline for final papers
26-30 September 2016
FISITA 2016 World Automotive Congress

Interactive Progress Session

19 August 2016
Interactive Progress Session - Deadline for Abstracts
25 August 2016
Interactive Progress Session - Notification to authors
26 August 2016
Interactive Progress Session - Deadline for PowerPoint Presentation Submission

Organised by

  • KSAE

Supported by

  • Ministry of Environment, Korea
  • Busan Metropolitan City
  • Korea Tourism Organization
  • Busan Tourism Organization