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Island of Excellence: "Autonomous driving algorithm in scaled environment"

The SMALL project (Scaled Mobility on Laboratory Level) was started by Prof. Joop Pauwelussen at HAN University in the Netherlands. The target of the project was to build an educational tool which will enable to test and understand intelligent transport systems at using low-budget technologies by means of scaled vehicle behaviour.

FISITA 2014 World Automotive Congress Islands of Excellence Czech Technical University Prague

Czech Technical University in Prague joined this project and developed its own scaled vehicle. The current version of the CVUT SMALL vehicle is able to demonstrate the algorithms of adaptive cruise control with start stop function, line following programmed for sensing of right lane on the path, and following of the leading vehicle. Around the SMALL stand a purpose-designed track will be prepared with at least two deviations and track crossings on which the SMALL vehicle will travel. The SMALL vehicle will circulate around the track regularly.

To compare the results between experiments and simulations done for FSV with experiments and simulations done for SMALL, the Buckingham similarity theory was used. This theory states that when two systems can be described by one model, then for both systems the same non-dimensional equations can be used and both systems are dynamically similar.

In order to be able to approximately match the behaviour of the SMALL scaled air-filled tires with real tire behavior, the scaled tire test stand was designed and built. In the central place of the SMALL stand this test stand for SMALL tire tests will be located, as well as a demonstration place of the CVUT SMALL vehicle. The demonstration of the tire test stand is also planned to be conducted regularly during the exhibition.

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13 May 2016
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31 July 2016
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19 August 2016
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25 August 2016
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